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Robert Aguilar, Chief Operating Officer

Cabrera Capital Markets, LLC

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Chicago, IL. May 30, 2016 – Cabrera Capital Markets participated as a Selling Group member in the US Foods initial public offering priced on May 25, 2016. According to Bloomberg, US Foods Holding Corp. raised $1.02 billion — the second largest U.S. listed corporate initial public offering of 2016. The shares opened at $24.25 on Thursday May 26th, with more than 5 percent appreciation over offering price.

“The Cabrera team is proud to have helped in the US Foods IPO. Regardless of our role, we consistently focus on delivering value to all our clients,” said Martin Cabrera, founder and chairman of Cabrera Capital Markets. Cabrera Capital has participated in other substantial IPOs in the past, including Facebook and General Motors, among others.

“Cabrera Capital is very appreciative for the opportunity to take part in such a large transaction and to utilize our experience from similar offerings to support the syndicate,” added Santino Bibbo, Managing Director and Head of Capital Markets.

US Foods sold a total of 44.4 million shares, with the final price of $23 falling in the high range of the $21 to $24 pre-marketed price. According to Bloomberg, at the offering price, US Foods shows a market value of about $4.9 billion.

Founded in 2001, Cabrera Capital Markets is an investment bank and full-service institutional brokerage firm with eight offices located in major financial centers across the United States. Cabrera Capital Markets provides a range of financial services worldwide to a substantial and diversified client base, including public and private pensions, financial institutions, unions, governments, corporations, foundations and endowments. Our goal is to provide our clients innovative ideas and implement cost effective solutions with excellence and integrity.