A premier national institutional investment banking and full service brokerage firm.

Our Leadership Team

Martin Cabrera, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

Martin Cabrera is the CEO and Founder of Cabrera Capital Markets (CCM) and Cabrera Capital Partners (CCP).

Martin Cabrera is the CEO and Founder of Cabrera Capital Markets (CCM) and Cabrera Capital Partners (CCP).

Cabrera Capital Markets (CCM) provides global investment banking and institutional brokerage services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes financial institutions, states and municipalities, corporations, unions, foundations and endowments.   CCM has issued over $330 billion in debt for municipalities and over $400 billion in debt and equities for corporations nationally and internationally.  CCM’s taxable fixed income and global equities trading desks are transacting over one billion in securities daily.

Cabrera Capital Partners (CCP) provides commercial and residential real estate development expertise, investment, and consulting services to a full range of clients in the public, private, institutional and non-profit sectors.  CCP has experience providing investment advisory services including development, acquisition and management of over $3.5 billion in institutional real estate.  CCP’s current real estate development focus is the transformation of a thirty-six acre vacant in-fill site on Chicago’s Southwest side into a 400+ million mixed income and mixed-use community providing essential housing, services and jobs.

Martin has over twenty-five years of investment experience. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Northern Illinois University and studied at the London School of Economics.

Martin currently serves as a Board Member at Chicago Community Trust, Member of the Archbishop’s Finance Council and Chairman of the Real Estate Committee for the Archdiocese of Chicago, Chairman of the Endowment Committee at St. Ignatius College Prep, Governing Board Member at Econ Illinois, Board Member of World Business Chicago, Former Chairman of the City Colleges of Chicago and Former Chairman of the Chicago Plan Commission.

Robert Aguilar, MBA


Robert Aguilar is a partner and serves as President for Cabrera Capital Markets with responsibility for all aspects of the daily operations of the company.

Robert serves as President, with responsibility for all aspects of the daily operations of the company. He oversees business groups consisting of Municipal Finance, Municipal Securities Trading, Taxable Fixed Income, and Equity Trading, as well as the operations support staff. Robert serves as the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and as a founding Principal of Cabrera Capital Partners. He is instrumental in the formation and development of Cabrera Capital Partners and holds a Series 65 Uniform Investment Advisor license. Robert is a member of the Investment Committee. Robert works closely with Martin Cabrera to develop and oversee Cabrera’s businesses. Prior to joining Cabrera, Robert served as an Operations Manager for Schwarz Supply Source, responsible for 12 domestic and international distribution facilities in four countries. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Northern Illinois University. His professional securities licenses include; Series 7 General Securities Representative, Series 24 General Securities Principal, Series 27 Financial and Operations Principal, Series 63 Uniform Securities State Law-Registered Agent, Series 79 Investment Banking Representative, and Series 99 Operations Professional.

Team Leaders

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Sales & Trading
Real Estate

History of the Fleur de Lis

Fleur-de-lis lends itself to several meanings and is simultaneously dynastic, political, emblematic, religious, symbolic and artistic.  The Fleur-de-lis was mostly used in French monarchy and heraldry.  In the 12th century, King Louis VI used the symbol for the first time by placing it on his shield.  Later on, it came to be used on coats of arms by the English kings to signify their claims to the French throne. Even used today on flags, military badges, coat of arms, fraternity symbols, logos, etc. Likewise, the mystique surrounding Fleur-de-lis has added to its enduring allure across the globe.

In the Catholic Church, the three petals of this design symbolize the Holy Trinity – the band on the bottom being Mary.  Legends say God bestowed the fleur-de-lis on Charlemagne’s predecessor King Clovis, the king whom united the Franks and made France Catholic, in the fifth century A. D., as a vial of holy oil. Thus, the fleur-de-lis is a symbol of the divine right of kings to bring a people to order under a state religion.

We at Cabrera Capital see the Fleur-de-lis as a coat of arms to bring attribution to our faithfulness, loyalty, unity, and honor.  We do our best to preserve the “old call” of being loyal to both God and our country. Another belief we hold dear is our represented faith, wisdom, and chivalry through our input of hard work and dedication.  From antiquity, it has been the symbol of purity and was readily adopted by the Roman Catholic church to associate the sanctity of Mary with events of special significance, and representing the pure lily of the Virgin Mary, or representing the Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.