Taxable Fixed Income

Cabrera Capital Markets has a team of highly experienced Taxable Fixed Income professionals and we consistently provide our clients with best execution in this asset class. Our expertise allows Cabrera to design and implement strategies across a broad spectrum of products consistent with our clients’ investment objectives.

The Taxable Fixed Income trading desk prides itself on its execution capabilities. In these difficult market conditions, we understand the need to trade with trusted and experienced brokers who provide quality services to your firm.

As a boutique firm we provide customized services to our clients by giving each trade extra attention without creating a disruption in the market place. Through our network of industry contacts we approach other financial professionals and respond with the timeliest and most accurate information providing our clients with execution and service we are proud to deliver.


Proven Electronic Fixed-Income Liquidity Provider in Rates and Credit
Customizable Relative Value Analysis in U.S. Treasuries, U.S. Agencies, and Corporates
Experienced Sales & Trading team providing sector specific coverage and expertise
Consistent access to the primary markets in Credit and Agencies through syndicated offerings and reverse inquiries

U.S. Rates

Cabrera is an active liquidity provider in U.S. Treasuries from Bills to Bonds as well as in TIPs and STRIPs. Cabrera also trades all U.S. Agency debt and acts as an underwriter for FHLB and FNMA. Cabrera underwrites new issue callable and bullet agencies, discount notes, and global benchmark debt issues. The New York Fed named us to participate in the Treasury Operations Counterparty Pilot Program. We focus on tailoring our efforts to meet the specific yield and maturity requirements of our clients.


Through our trading and sales experience, we are able to provide customized value and added advice in the investment grade and high yield corporate bond markets. We focus on locating the best value in all sectors of the credit curve an obtaining the best execution for our clients. Cabrera combines experience, commitment, and strong client relationships to accomplish our goals.


Cabrera Capital participates in trading and sales of the following products:

  • Mortgage Backed Securities
  • Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMO’S)
  • Asset Backed Securities (ABS)
  • Commercialized Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS)

We cover the full spectrum of mortgage products from the very actively traded to the less liquid sectors. We are involved in all aspects of secondary CMO trading.

Electronic Liquidity in the Fixed Income Marketplace

Cabrera is an electronic market maker in U.S. Treasuries on Tradeweb and Bloomberg’s FIT trading platforms. Cabrera was the first non-primary dealer to be added to Tradeweb for U.S. Treasuries and consistently ranks in the top 5 for dealer hit ratio by volume on the platform. Cabrera is also an electronic liquidity provider in Credit on Market Axess, Tradeweb, and Bloomberg’s BOLT platform. Our clients value the quick response times and streamlined trade processing and settlements that electronic trading in fixed income provides. As fixed income markets evolve, Cabrera will continue to stay at the forefront of technology.

Diverse Institutional Customer Base

Cabrera services a wide range of asset managers, municipalities, and corporations both domestically and internationally. These customers ranges from the largest and most sophisticated in the world, along with many smaller and unique entities that are traditionally underserved by the larger dealer community. The depth of our client relationships allows us to provide unique liquidity in the fixed income marketplace without having to engage typical street channels. These axes and trade opportunities have allowed Cabrera to continually grow it’s footprint in the fixed income marketplace.

Relative Value Analysis in Fixed Income

Cabrera’s experienced fixed income trading and sales teams provide customized analysis across maturities and sectors in a variety of fixed income instruments. Cabrera provides rich/cheap analysis in U.S. Treasuries, TIPs, and in Agencies across the curve. Cabrera also develops sector and bond specific recommendations in the credit markets and works with clients to provide customized solutions and analysis on a daily basis. Our team tailors our efforts to best meet the specific investment guidelines our accounts.