Chicago, IL.  – September 7th 2017 – Cabrera Capital Markets, announces a partnership with Bartleet Religare Securities (Pvt.) Ltd., a century old conglomerate that has a footprint in financial services, IT, manufacturing and trading. Bartleet Religare Securities (Pvt.) Ltd., headquartered in Colombo, Sri Lanka, was formed in 2009, pursuant to the Joint Venture between Bartleet Mallory Stock Brokers and Religare Capital Markets (RCM) Limited. Through Cabrera, Bartleet Religare Securities will provide unique research, corporate access and execution services to US institutional investors and will also broaden the scope of investment options outside of the US for Cabrera’s institutional clients.

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 “We’ve chosen Cabrera because of its knowledge of the chaperone space and the team’s experience with SEC Rule 15a-6, which establishes the requirements for chaperoning. Additionally, Cabrera’s services provide us with the availability and flexibility of using our own Bartleet Religare Securities brand to speak, trade, and settle directly with the US buy-side. It’s an ideal partnership for non-US brokers looking to access US buy sides,” added Rashiyamany Muralidaran, Managing Director at Bartleet Religare Securities. 

This relationship represents a significant milestone in Cabrera’s effort to bring the highest quality research to the US institutional marketplace. “This is a key step for Cabrera as we continue to add high quality research and execution brokers to our stable of global brokers. Bartleet Religare Securities typifies the quality of our broker network and enables Cabrera to expand our global research offering. This continued expansion benefits our institutional clients, pension funds, as well as our trading partners like Bartleet Religare Securities” added Paul Karrlsson-Willis, Managing Director of Equities Sales and Trading.

By teaming up with Cabrera, Bartleet Religare Securities will increase its U.S. visibility. Strategic foreign relationships, such as these, have an added advantage of providing multiple opportunities and information-access under one roof, making them convenient and cost effective.

To learn more about Barleet Religare Securities (Pvt.) Ltd., visit them at

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