Chicago, IL.  – September 7th 2017 – Cabrera Capital Markets, announces a strategic relationship with UCB Capital Management Ltd., headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. UCB Capital Management Ltd. is a subsidiary of United Commercial Bank Ltd., a commercial bank in Bangladesh. UCB Capital Management Ltd. has emerged as a prominent stock broker in Bangladesh Capital Markets, the group which includes an investment banking arm with deep expertise in capital markets, and corporate finance. Through Cabrera, UCB Capital Management Ltd. will provide unique research, corporate access and execution services to US institutional investors. This arrangement continues Cabrera’s efforts to broaden the scope of investment options outside of the US for its institutional clients.

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 “We’ve chosen Cabrera because of its wonderful access to US Institutions and the team’s experience with SEC Rule 15a-6. Additionally, Cabrera’s services provide us with the availability and flexibility of using our own UCB Capital Management Ltd brand to speak, trade, and settle directly with the US buy-side. This makes Cabrera the perfect business partner for non-US brokers looking to access US buy sides,” added MD. Rahmat Pasha, Managing Director and CEO at UCB Capital Management Ltd.  

This exciting partnership continues Cabrera’s focus on bringing the highest quality international research to the US institutional marketplaces. “This collaboration with UCB Capital Management Ltd enhances the quality of our broker network and enables Cabrera to expand our Global research offering. Cabrera’s continued expansion gives emerging and frontier fund managers more sophisticated choices for execution and research. In turn this benefits our institutional clients, Pension Funds, as well as our partners like UCB Capital Management Ltd.” added Paul Karrlsson-Willis, Managing Director of Equities Sales and Trading.

By teaming up with Cabrera, UCB Capital Management Ltd will increase its U.S. visibility. Strategic foreign relationships, such as these, have an added advantage of providing multiple opportunities and information-access under one roof, making them convenient and cost effective.

About Cabrera Capital Markets

Cabrera Capital Markets, LLC — founded in 2001 — provides investment banking and full- service institutional brokerage services worldwide to a substantial and diversified client base that includes financial institutions, unions, governments, corporations, hedge funds, and foundations and endowments.

At the core of the Cabrera businesses is our commitment to our clients. We have a highly qualified team of experienced professionals who are well versed in using the firm’s resources to manage significant transactions through our growing franchise. The areas of our business are: public finance; municipal bond sales and trading; debt and equity capital markets; domestic equity sales, trading and execution; international equity sales, trading and execution; preferred stock sales and trading; taxable fixed income sales and trading; directed brokerage; and global investment banking.

About UCB Capital Management Ltd

UCB Capital Management Limited — a leading stock brokerage company located in Dhaka — is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Commercial Bank (UCB), third largest in asset size and the second oldest private commercial bank in Bangladesh. The parent company, UCB has balance sheet size of USD 4 Billion, benefiting UCB Capital with its massive network and connections.

UCB Capital provides all types of brokerage services to its local and foreign clients. It has a highly experienced and proficient management team to provide a global standard service to the clients in relation to securities originating in Bangladesh.