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Stock Market Game: 2009 – 2010 School Year

Cabrera Capital Markets is proud to sponsor and continue to support the Stock Market Game for the past eight consecutive years.

The Stock Market Game is a simulation in trading stocks on the three major US exchanges. Teams of students compete with other schools to invest a hypothetical $100,000 in a portfolio of stocks and prizes are awarded to the top teams with the highest portfolio value. Students gain practical knowledge about the markets, learn concepts they will utilize for the rest of their lives and gain an appreciation for the value of saving and investing.

Cabrera Capital Markets is proud to be part of actively shaping the lives of tomorrow’s leaders by generously supporting The Stock Market Game!

Below is information listing our sponsorship and the total participation levels in each state for the 2009 – 2010 school semester.
High School3,41812,971242184
Middle School2,3648,924176154
Elementary School7232,7358679
Cabrera Sponsorship:$85,000
NEW YORK - Bronx Borough2,6989,881119100
High School1,3394,5035143
Middle School8913,2853730
Elementary School4682,0933127
Cabrera Sponsorship:$25,000
NEW MEXICO - Sante Fe (Fall Only)5611,5233123
High School4231,1492315
Middle School8924053
Elementary School4913435
Cabrera Sponsorship:$6,000
PENNSYLVANIA - Philadelphia2576481210
High School19851486
Middle School376722
Elementary School226722
Cabrera Sponsorship:$10,000
TEXAS - San Antonio1,1564,6248581
High School9813,9246056
Middle/Elementary School1757002525
Cabrera Sponsorship:$7,000
TEXAS - Houston8082,8225438
High School4502,0803218
Middle/Elementary School3587422220
Cabrera Sponsorship:$4,650
MICHIGAN - Detroit (Spring Only)30956898
High School20034076
Middle School10922822
Cabrera Sponsorship:$4,650
$142,650 - Cabrera Capital Markets Total Sponsorship for 2009/2010