“Cabrera Capital and our experienced team are extremely excited and grateful about the successful bond sale on behalf of our client, the City of Dallas, during a week when the municipal market had its largest volume of 2015,” said Martin Cabrera, Chairman and CEO of Cabrera Capital Markets, LLC. “This week’s bond volume provides many options for buyers and at least some challenges, but Cabrera was able to successfully market the more than $600 million of bonds for the City.”

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“Cabrera utilized our great relationships with a wide range of buyers to achieve outstanding results for the City of Dallas during a week when the municipal market volume for 2015 peaked at over $12 billion,” added Ricardo Villasenor, Managing Director-Head of Public Finance, Cabrera Capital Markets.

Founded in 2001, Cabrera Capital Markets is an investment bank and full-service institutional brokerage firm with eight offices located in major financial centers across the United States. Cabrera Capital Markets provides a range of financial services worldwide to a substantial and diversified client base, including public and private pensions, financial institutions, unions, governments, corporations, foundations and endowments. Our goal is to provide our clients innovative ideas and implement cost effective solutions with excellence and integrity.

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