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Cabrera Capital Partners

Cabrera Capital Partners, LLC -- formed in 2007 -- provides investment management and investment advisory services under the Cabrera Capital brand and is affiliated with Cabrera Capital Markets. The firm’s home office is in Chicago with access to relationships in major financial markets across the country. Cabrera Capital Partners provides financial services worldwide to various private sector and public sector institutions of all types and sizes.

In 2012, Cabrera Capital Partners integrated an existing cohesive team of real estate investment professionals with a long and successful track record of investing in various types of real estate on behalf of institutional clients.  Services include acquisition, asset management, and sale of commercial real estate through multiple investment vehicles including commingled funds, separate accounts, asset management takeover (transitioning existing client assets), and other advisory services.

Cabrera Capital Partners applies a disciplined approach to risk management, adhering to its fundamental philosophy to limit risk for our clients. Solid research is an integral component of the foundation of Cabrera’s risk management standards. With the help of our detailed research, we are able to apply our fundamental philosophy to limit risk while focusing on preservation of capital, producing stabilized cash flow, and achieving appreciation, endeavoring to deliver above market returns to investors.